It's time to cross the line.

The versatile kit lens equipped with most EOS Rebel Digital SLR cameras covers a good range of shooting scenarios, making it an ideal starter lens. But if there is something in particular that you love to shoot, simply adding a Canon lens to match that subject can help take your photos from good to great.

By adding a Telephoto Zoom Lens you can transform your vantage point from the bleachers to the goal crease. A Portrait Lens can make a charming photo of your child into a stunning portrait with a soft background blur. With a Macro Lens you can literally split hairs and uncover the fine details of small objects. An Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens allows you to exceed the capabilities of the human eye and capture breathtakingly broad vistas. The flexibility of a Standard Zoom Lens lets you capture everyday life, true to the way you see it.

We’ve taken some of your most popular photo scenarios and shot them with some of Canon’s most popular lenses. Compare lenses and see the difference each can make to your photos.

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